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the first decentralized due diligence system for ICOs using a Proof-of-Bullshit consensus algorithm.

Find BSH on various Ethereum explorers and Ether Delta

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(the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer)


Ether Explorer

(another Ethereum Blockchain Explorer)


Ether Delta

(decentralized exchange to buy and sell your BSH)



How to get your first Bullshit tokens (BSH)

All you need to do is create a ERC20 compatible wallet and send a bit of ETH to it. Then you can grab all the BSH you need through EtherDelta.


If you already have an ERC20 compatible wallet you wish to use, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you can create a wallet on:


You will need to send some ETH to it (ask a friend or buy some on CoinBase, Kraken, Quadrigacx,..) in order to purchase BSH, as there will be a small transaction fee (0.001 ETH for up to 750 BSH tokens).

Add the BSH token to your ERC20 token wallet. On MyEtherWallet, click "add custom token" on the right hand column of the screen and enter the following information:



Token symbol:






This is where BSH is listed on EtherDelta, the ERC20 token exchange platform. Import your wallet by clicking on the top right of the webpage and entering its address and private key.


Now, in order to perform a transaction on EtherDelta, you need to deposit some ETH from your wallet to EtherDelta. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and hit "deposit". Remember to keep enough ether in your wallet for transaction fees.


To buy your BSH, you can either select an existing order in the order book (circled red), or you can place a new order (circled yellow), by naming your price.

In the image below, an existing order is selected to purchase 100 BSH at 0.001 ETH. To do it this way, enter the amount of BSH you wish to buy or ETH you're willing to spend, check if the price suits you and hit "buy". If the price does not suit you, try placing a new order.


The block confirmation should appear in the "My Transactions" section shortly. Now all that's left to do in order to send your BSH tokens from EtherDelta to your wallet is to enter an amount in the "withdraw" section and hit withdraw.

Congratulations, you officially have your first BSH tokens. Once the transaction is verified, you should be able to see your BSH tokens in your ERC20 compatible wallet.

Note: the tutorial images show transactions using a wallet who already contained 1000 BSH and 0.06 ETH in EtherDelta.

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